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Food Truck Commissary Kitchens For Rent in Atlanta


Food Truck Kitchens For Rent Food Truck Commissary Kitchens For Rent

Commissary Kitchens For Rent Commissary Bakery For Rent

In the State of Georgia you are required to have your own licensed food service establishment
in order to be in business with food trucks and food production.

If you try to build out your own commissary kitchen,
you will have spent 75K on Grease Traps, Rest Room Facilities,
Hot Water Heaters, Plumbing, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
and lots of miscellaneous infrastructure,
Not to mention the 4 to 8 months build out time...

What if you could have a membership contract with us to have YOUR OWN Food Truck Commissary Kitchen?

Where you can install your own equipment and be up and running in no time!
These units can be Health Dept Approved or Dept of Ag if needed.


This facility includes Waste Dump, Cleaning Area, Covered Loading Area, Dumpster Access

Each space will have be plumbed for Electricity, Hot/Cold Water, Floor Drain and Floor Sink,
Ready for you to install equipment and get approval for operation quickly!

These spaces can be utilized for Food Truck Commissary Kitchens, Commissary Kitchens, Bakeries,
Or any other use that requires a Licensed Commercial Kitchen.

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Each space will be un-equpped and ready for you to add whatever equipment you need.

You can bring in Sinks, Prep Sinks, Electric Cooking Equipment
Gas is available and you can install a hood vent if you need one.

We will have volume purchasing power with PREP's Food and Supply Co-Op.
Imagine ordering everything online and your unit is stocked when you arrive in the morning!

We will market your business on our website
(we have the BEST Search Engine Optimization Team on Site!)

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Food Truck Commissary Kitchens For Rent
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Call today about this project and a home for your Mobile Food Service Unit!!